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This blog is intended to help you gain a better understanding of what each social media platform can be used for with your business. There are tons of social media trainees out there who still have some confusion as to what the purpose of using social media platforms for business is. Although I will not cover all three, I will cover three major ones and I hope to help clear this up, so let’s get started!





Although Facebook is a multi-faceted platform, there are still certain marketing techniques or branding techniques that just simply do not work. I will not go into what those are with this blog but I will say, think of Facebook as a place to cast a huge net to try to catch a ton of fish. If you aren’t on Facebook and you own a business, you have already lost the battle!

Facebook is indeed one of the fastest growing social media platforms around with a staggering 1.7 billion active users! Facebook uses a tool called target marketing to drive companies to users based on what they are interested in. Now I won’t get into a ton of detail on this but the stats are crazy. If you want that info, go read “5 Tips to Help increase Social Media Traffic and Bring Leads”.

I will tell you however what Facebook is good for. Because Facebook has a huge following, this is obviously a perfect place to start your MARKETING efforts. Facebook can be used to drive traffic to a specific product, service, or event. It is an excellent source for creating campaigns that drive traffic to your website, landing page, product page, and YouTube page or any page that has a good or service. Why is that? Facebook uses the interest of their users and markets companies to them based off of what they post about, like, or follow the most. What does that mean for you? This means that whatever your brand or product is, out of the 1.7 billion users, you have the potential to have your campaign reach thousands, if not millions of people that are interested in what you have. Get good at writing great ads, and you can see a lot of traffic!

So what is Facebook good for? BRANDING & MARKETING! Use Facebook as one of your Marketing tools. Although you can build a brand using Facebook, it is a lot simpler to market here. Create a fan page, get a following, and start doing some marketing. Brands that do the best on Facebook are typically already established.  With that being said let’s move on to our next platform.





Ohhh the puzzling world of gramers. From most small business owners, I hear “Instagram is just a place to post pics of your food and stuff right?” or “ I don’t see the point of it, it just seems like a bunch of selfies to me”. No No No, my fellow entrepreneur. Instagram can be a powerful tool for your company. Here’s why.


Instagram by far is killing the social media game! They are a photo and video sharing powerhouse and they have an average of 300 million daily active users, 20% of all internet users, and a staggering 27% of the U.S population on their platform! Still think this is just a game? Now that we have gotten the boring stats out of the way, let’s talk about Instagram behavior.

Although Facebook and Instagram may seem similar, they breed a different following. Instagram tends to have a following that is passionate. This passion can be directed towards, art, fashion, technology, etc… Most Gramers only post about what they are passionate about. If that’s food, well, that’s what you will see. So how does this help your business? In my blog titled “Branding Vs Marketing” I mentioned that a brand is who you are. Who you are is typically what you are passionate about. So if Instagramers are typically people of passion, then you’re in luck. According to Instagram statistics, 75% of their users use Instagram to fins particular vendor accounts. That’s you!


So building your brand is where you should use Instagram. Gramers follow companies with a passionate brand! Not to mention Instagram has a valuable algorithm to help people find you. It’s called the hashtag, aka the #. This little tool is valuable! If you are a restaurant that is passionate about feeding the homeless, well #feedthehomeless has over 36K searches on Instagram. If you are a car lot that is passionate about selling dream cars, well #dreamcar has over 900k searches! Get the picture? This makes Instagram the perfect place to share your passion, aka, your brand with those looking for you!


So Instagram = Brand Building



I have had many questions asked about this platform. Some of them are, “so what can I do with LinkedIn?” or “Isn’t it just like Facebook?” If you have questions about LinkedIn and its purpose, well it’s actually quite simple. First let me give you some stats. LinkedIn has over 433 million users and 37% of the U.S digital population. Again, this is HUGE!


So what is its purpose? So, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool, Instagram is a valuable brand builder, now LinkedIn…. Simply put, LinkedIn is a tool to network, find the skills you need to employ, or find the people that need your brand. Although building a following on LinkedIn is a tough one, it is worth it. LinkedIn is like going to networking events. You will find that most users are motivated, forward thinking individuals with skills that you can utilize or a need that you fill. It’s a more professional setting, where posting pics of your food, or videos of your employees acting silly is frowned upon. However, posting a new product, or services is welcomed with open arms!  According to b2bnn.com more than 8 in 10 b2b use LinkedIn for the purpose of product unveiling! Because LinkedIn has such a rich culture of CEO’s, working professionals, and Startup co-founders, this makes it a perfect place for those of you that cater to the B2B market. Now, I am not saying that if you are in the business to consumer market then you don’t need it, I am saying that B2B works best here! So what is LinkedIn good for? NETWORKING, PRODUCT PROMOTIONS, and SKILL FINDING.




  1. Facebook- Use: Marketing & Branding with more time spent in Marketing
  2. Instagram- Use: Brand Building or Gaining A Following
  3. LinkedIn- Use: Networking, finding skills, and promoting products



I hope this has been helpful! Feel free to ask questions bellow in the comment section or email us at questions@7thleveldevelopment.com regarding our social campaign management services! Also let us know what platforms you have questions about in the comments!




Startup Social Shout Out Volume 3| Temperpack Technologies

We are excited for this weeks startup shout out! We had the pleasure of interviewing James Mcgoff, Co-Founder of Temperpack Technologies! They have a passion for sustainable packaging and are attacking the industry hard! We hope you enjoy and dont forget to subscribe!

5 Tips To Help Increase Social Media Traffic And Bring Leads| Facebook

Before you begin reading the tips, we should start by saying that no one tip or tool is right for all businesses! To get the best results hire a social media consultant!


  1.  Presentation Is Everything:


Just as we discussed in previous posts, how you present your company makes all of the difference, even on social media platforms. When creating or managing your social media account, don’t be afraid to dress it up with your companies colors or logos! It has been proven that how your profiles look can determine the following that you get. We live in a digital age where most followers want to see bright colors and flashy objects. Make your page scream the passion of your company through visuals.

EX: microsoft

See Also: 5 Benefits Of  A Custom Website

Take Microsoft for example. What does a man with snorkels in the water have to do with what they are trying to convey? Exactly, because it is a capturing photo, you want to find out! Find professional photos that you can use to enhance your page but also that give the user a reason to want to inquire:microsoftq

2. Actually Get Social:

Now that you have your big beautiful social media page, now what? Well remember this, its call SOCIAL media for a reason. Start interacting with the audience you do have and go create the audience that you want. There are numerous ways to do so without spending any money.  First, promote your business page (Facebook) on your personal page. However don’t be spamy. What this means is don’t go posting about your company page every hour on the hour. Space it out. Start looking at your friends that own companies and like there pages, then requesting that they like yours. Start sharing posts from your company page to your personal page. Promote on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google+ ( these tips work for those as well).


Spend a lot of time going through the friends that you already have to promote your page to them. Not everyone will follow, but if your content is good, they will promote for you, which leads to my next tip:


3. Post Great Content:

Not everyone is into the boring text posts that most companies post. This is why they lack a following. Get INTERACTIVE! Its been proven that posting more picture and video content reacts way better than just the standard text post. When it comes to pictures, make sure they are clear photos that vividly describe the scene! Pictures can convey a message, or bring emotion: xbox

Video however will ultimately draw the most in! People love to see you embarrassing yourself but more importantly, video content gives your followers and potential followers a chance to see what your company is really about! This example is from one of our clients. with over 400 views, 900 reaches and 11 shares all within 2 days of posting a video of the owner.. well being himself:

Or this one of our CEO promoting a local Cafe:


4. Post Consistently:

The sad truth is that most companies fail in this area. They go through the steps of creating a good page, and then drop the ball when it comes to posting. Most excuses are ” we don’t have the time to and we don’t have the funds to hire someone to do it for us”.  If you can carve out an hour a day  then you can post consistently. Posting consistently to your company page gives you credibility. When someone goes to your page and sees that you haven’t posted in the last 3 weeks, they don’t really have a reason to stick around.  When you have a steady flow of content on your page, it allows users to make an informed decision on whether or not to follow you!

Now I wanted to address the time excuse. Facebook has made it simple for you to post content whenever you need to. They have added a feature that allows you to save posts and put them on a cycle. You can schedule them for any day of the week, month, year! I encourage you to play around with this feature. Take that hour that we talked about earlier and decide what content you want to use this feature on.

Ex: facebook

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Invest:

Oh no not my money! If that’s what comes to mind when it comes to Facebook advertising, then you don’t understand Facebook. Lets help you understand. There are over 7 billion people in the world, with over 1 billion of those being active Facebook users!! Wait what? Yeah over 10% of the WHOLE world is using Facebook. Now lets break down how that applies to you. So, Facebook takes all 1billion plus users and monitors their interests, likes and dislikes. They then take that data and figure out how businesses can utilize it. That’s called targeting an audience. Now you come along and invest in paid advertising on Facebook.That then allows you to target YOUR audience while Facebook only shows your Ad to those that are interested in what it is that you do. There really is no other online form of advertising like it.  In other words, take some of your advertising budget and put it towards creating a good Facebook campaign and watch the leads come. There have been tons of companies that have raised there revenue using Facebook advertising.

According to Kurt Wagner of Mashable, in his article titled, Are Facebook Ads Working? The Clicks Say Yes

“Facebook ads were clicked 29% more often in 2013, and the return to investors was 58% higher”.

So go ahead, invest!

Startup Shout Outs

Welcome to our Startup Social Shout out Segment! The purpose of these segments are to give startups and small businesses a platform to share why they started up and their passions! Hopefully this inspires you to Startup!  This segment is on Brewers Cafe! They are a local Cafe located in Richmond Va. Hopefully you enjoy! Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe!! Brought to you by 7th Level Marketing!!

5 Benefits of a Custom Website for Small Biz

We all have our doubts! As a small business owner, getting a custom built website shouldn’t be one of them. Here’s why…

Keyboard with Improve Your Performance Button.



1. You increase visibility.

Hiring a professional web design agency to create a stunning website can be the difference of you not being seen and you becoming a peak of interest. More and more studies are telling us about how customers are learning to research online before buying offline. This is due to the growing technology industry! Think about that time you saw a product advertised on TV and decided to Google it. People all over America are starting to do the same thing. Think about it, your #1 goal is to gain exposure to increase profits, why aren’t you on one of the biggest platforms around? The Internet….


2. You  control the traffic while you sleep.

In most cases people who are interested in your product or service will make the decision to purchase it when you’re not open. With that being said, the efforts that you put towards marketing your website during the day, materialize on your off hours. Also, your site acts as a sales rep while you sleep! Most  people surf the web after 5pm when they are done working! Make sure you have a tool to capture that traffic…


3. You create another sales tool.

Think of your site as a 24 hour sales generation tool. A website is a powerful sales tool and one that allows you to address your customers’ concerns, give them the information they need to make a decision and create compelling calls to action. Your website is a vital tool in the sales process... Use it to build confidence in your brand and to give customers important buying info.

4. You build credibility.


Have you ever heard these words when networking, ” Sooo do you have a website?”. This usually comes from the younger market, however more and more people are starting to use a website to test credibility. A custom built and creative website can establish that credibility. Today, no one cares about a store front or an office, they care about your internet front! So give them what they want…

5. You build a contact list.

So you may hate the web, but you love networking and meeting new people. Look at your website as your own personal networking professional! With the right design and call to actions, you can start collecting potential clients names, numbers and emails in no time, with the added bonus of them asking questions with it! When you hire a professional web agency to build your site, they typically create a user experience that prompts users to leave contact info..


So like I said, your website has more value than you think.. I hope this was helpful and feel free to leave comments with any questions or concerns on finding the right company IE Us!!!



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