How To Create An Effective Facebook Ad

How To Create An Effective Facebook Ad !


If you haven’t heard by now, Facebook is becoming one of the top places to advertise and brand your business! With prices being some of the cheapest in the market, it’s not hard to see why companies all over are scrambling to try and crack the Facebook Ad market. Most failing miserably. Does that sound familiar? The failing part? Yeah, you aren’t alone. In this blog I hope to clear up some common mistakes and give a quality step by step guide to help you create an effective Facebook ad. Keep in mind that these instructions vary from industry to industry.

How To Create An Effective Facebook Ad | The Beginning

Creating a Facebook ad isn’t complicated at all right? Sort of. Yes anyone can create an ad but how effective is it? When creating an effective ad remember that your ad is a mixture between the right target audience, creativity with video/pictures, and Facebook’s unique sharing algorithm. I will cover the basics of how to find your audience, and choosing the right settings!

Step 1: Sign Up for Facebook Business/ Ads Manager! Say what? There is another side to Facebook that I have never seen before? Yup! If you aren’t a part of the world of advertising and marketing, you may not have known that there are extra tools and resources for you right there on Facebook. Here is the Link:

Step 2: After you have signed up for Facebook Manager, now its time to get cracking with the ad creation. Facebook has many variations of Ads. I will break down the meaning below this picture! 

As you can see Facebook has split the ad categories into 3 sections. Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions. I like to follow a simple formula when creating a full campaign for clients. This formula is Brand to Consider to Convert. This means that when I first start out with a new account I am focused on getting the word out that they are here! Branding is important! The more people see your brand, the more they will consider using you! Facebook is a passive form of marketing.

Once the brand has been seen, I then focus on heavy consideration. With about $200 we get our clients close to 800 visitors a month. From this point out I will focus on the Traffic tab. Lets see what that looks like:



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