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We all know how important having an internet presence in this era is. We also know that a website is now one of the main source of credibility for your potential customers. Where you might struggle is when deciding whether to build one yourself, use a WordPress expert, or hire an Agency. Being the owner of an Agency that has WordPress experts handy I would like to say that this post is in no way biased. With that being said, I would like to outline the pros and cons when using each tool for your website!


DIY Website Builder


Pros: It is usually very simple to build out a website with one of these. No code expertise is needed. It is also either free or very cheap. It will be responsive.

Cons: You usually end up paying monthly for services that you don’t use. The templates are not unique. You wont have much control of the strategy of your site. You typically will have to pay extra for tools that you need monthly.

Hiring A WordPress Expert


Before I outline the pros and cons here, I want to explain what WordPress is. WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. Or in non geek terms, a really cool content management system.

Pros: 1. The WordPress expert will take most of the work off of your hands. 2. A good WordPress expert knows how to build a stunning website. 3. Again, you wont need to learn code. 4. It’s easily manageable on your own if you have time.

Cons: 1. Most individual WordPress experts charge just as much as an agency but do not offer agency benefits. 2. Most WordPress experts utilize already built themes with not much room for modifications. 3. Once completed, it is usually left up to you to maintain which can be hard to do if you lack time.

Hiring An Agency

Pros: 1. Agency can use multiple platforms and are typically expert coders which will allow complete freedom and control of your design. 2. Agencies use strategy to build your site to help drive conversions. 3. Hiring an Agency means that it is a hands off process for you. 4. You get a whole team of people that can help and not just one. 5. Agencies keep up with industry changes so that your company is not left behind. 6. Agencies can typically stick with you through all of your growing pains.

Cons: 1. Agencies can be expensive ranging from $1500 to $100,000 for a website. 2. The turnaround time can be long. 3. You may run into communication issue.

Now that you see the pros and cons of each, which one will you use? Give us a call @ 804-592-1734 or comment on the form below to see how we can help your company grow!

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