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If you are here reading this blog, you are either an executive that is looking for a way to organize your sales leads and motivate your reps, or a small business owner that needs help organizing your growing company. If this is the case, then you are in the right spot! I will outline some of the reasons you should utilize a CRM and also introduce to you our system called Game Changer CRM.


What Exactly Is A CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a valuable tool that helps your customer interactions run more efficiently, allowing you to hone in on your customer relationships. This can include managing contacts, setting appointments, setting follow up calls, tracking quotes, monitoring your marketing efforts and tons of other tasks.

CRMs allow you to get a better angle on your sales efforts to help minimize the sales that slip through the cracks. Tracking is extremely important in this digital age, so here are some of the benefits of using a CRM.

Sales Rep Management

Managing your account executives, account managers and sales reps can be a tough task without utilizing a CRM. I remember working as a sales rep for a car lot that refused to get with the times. We had 100s of clients to track but very limited space. File cabinets were over flowing with information on clients, which often caused confusion and mixed paperwork. CRMs clear up the paper footprint and allow your sales reps to focus on whats really important, selling! They allow input from reps on what stage of the process their client is in, often motivating them to push the client through until the end.

Finance Management 


This is a big one as well. Most CRMs can even allow you to keep up with payments made by clients and quotes sent and invoices. Serving as a one stop shop for most business owners, a CRM can a valuable asset to your organization. Think about all of the times that you struggled with keeping your invoices in order, or finding that quote that you sent to a really important client. This is the answer.

Optimized marketing | Lead System

Now if you follow our other blog titled  “5 Tips To Increase Social Media Traffic And Bring Leads“, then you may already know that optimized marketing is the same tool that Facebook uses to bring in billions of dollars. They gather your info, and market products directly to you. By using a CRM as a lead funnel, you now have that power in your hands! The next time you create an awesome ad campaign, creating a capture page that collects data from prospects and sends it to a CRM will allow you to see exactly what type of behavior your clientele have. This allows you to pinpoint your marketing. 

Retention Increase

If you haven’t guessed it by now, utilizing a CRM can help increase retention! This is huge considering that most of our goals are to create those residual clients! A CRM can give you the ability to build a better relationship by accurate follow up reminders, client personal info reminders (birthdays, important dates, anniversaries) giving you the ability to become more personal. It also gives you the ability to keep promises made by you to them. I think you get the picture.

Now that you understand some of the benefits, i want to introduce you to Game Changer CRM!


The cons of most CRMs is that they are usually pre-built and editing is usually not allowed. This causes a huge problem when finding the one YOUR COMPANY needs. This means that you typically spend extra money on the CRM services that you don’t even use. That’s why we have come up with Game Changer CRM.

Game Changer

This is the first fully custom CRM! It is your company, from start to finish. Instead of pre picked services, we can go into your company and build the custom CRM that you need. This means that now you are in control! You call us, we come to you, we interview your reps and yourself, and then we create your Game Changer CRM.  It can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be which gives you complete flexibility and control!

We don’t just mean take away this option and put this there, either. We mean your company logo, your design, and your functionality. Do you want to be in complete control? We can help with that!  If you need it to motivate sales reps with sound and visuals, we give it to you! If you need it to track in real time, inventory shipments, or employee productivity, we give it to you. Or if you just need it ti be a simple reminder system, we give it to you! So come on and make 7th Level, your CRM GAME CHANGER!

Get in contact with us with any questions @ 1-804-592-1734 or email us at 

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