5 Tips To Help Increase Social Media Traffic And Bring Leads| Facebook

Before you begin reading the tips, we should start by saying that no one tip or tool is right for all businesses! To get the best results hire a social media consultant!


  1.  Presentation Is Everything:


Just as we discussed in previous posts, how you present your company makes all of the difference, even on social media platforms. When creating or managing your social media account, don’t be afraid to dress it up with your companies colors or logos! It has been proven that how your profiles look can determine the following that you get. We live in a digital age where most followers want to see bright colors and flashy objects. Make your page scream the passion of your company through visuals.

EX: microsoft

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Take Microsoft for example. What does a man with snorkels in the water have to do with what they are trying to convey? Exactly, because it is a capturing photo, you want to find out! Find professional photos that you can use to enhance your page but also that give the user a reason to want to inquire:microsoftq

2. Actually Get Social:

Now that you have your big beautiful social media page, now what? Well remember this, its call SOCIAL media for a reason. Start interacting with the audience you do have and go create the audience that you want. There are numerous ways to do so without spending any money.  First, promote your business page (Facebook) on your personal page. However don’t be spamy. What this means is don’t go posting about your company page every hour on the hour. Space it out. Start looking at your friends that own companies and like there pages, then requesting that they like yours. Start sharing posts from your company page to your personal page. Promote on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google+ ( these tips work for those as well).


Spend a lot of time going through the friends that you already have to promote your page to them. Not everyone will follow, but if your content is good, they will promote for you, which leads to my next tip:


3. Post Great Content:

Not everyone is into the boring text posts that most companies post. This is why they lack a following. Get INTERACTIVE! Its been proven that posting more picture and video content reacts way better than just the standard text post. When it comes to pictures, make sure they are clear photos that vividly describe the scene! Pictures can convey a message, or bring emotion: xbox

Video however will ultimately draw the most in! People love to see you embarrassing yourself but more importantly, video content gives your followers and potential followers a chance to see what your company is really about! This example is from one of our clients. with over 400 views, 900 reaches and 11 shares all within 2 days of posting a video of the owner.. well being himself:

Or this one of our CEO promoting a local Cafe:


4. Post Consistently:

The sad truth is that most companies fail in this area. They go through the steps of creating a good page, and then drop the ball when it comes to posting. Most excuses are ” we don’t have the time to and we don’t have the funds to hire someone to do it for us”.  If you can carve out an hour a day  then you can post consistently. Posting consistently to your company page gives you credibility. When someone goes to your page and sees that you haven’t posted in the last 3 weeks, they don’t really have a reason to stick around.  When you have a steady flow of content on your page, it allows users to make an informed decision on whether or not to follow you!

Now I wanted to address the time excuse. Facebook has made it simple for you to post content whenever you need to. They have added a feature that allows you to save posts and put them on a cycle. You can schedule them for any day of the week, month, year! I encourage you to play around with this feature. Take that hour that we talked about earlier and decide what content you want to use this feature on.

Ex: facebook

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Invest:

Oh no not my money! If that’s what comes to mind when it comes to Facebook advertising, then you don’t understand Facebook. Lets help you understand. There are over 7 billion people in the world, with over 1 billion of those being active Facebook users!! Wait what? Yeah over 10% of the WHOLE world is using Facebook. Now lets break down how that applies to you. So, Facebook takes all 1billion plus users and monitors their interests, likes and dislikes. They then take that data and figure out how businesses can utilize it. That’s called targeting an audience. Now you come along and invest in paid advertising on Facebook.That then allows you to target YOUR audience while Facebook only shows your Ad to those that are interested in what it is that you do. There really is no other online form of advertising like it.  In other words, take some of your advertising budget and put it towards creating a good Facebook campaign and watch the leads come. There have been tons of companies that have raised there revenue using Facebook advertising.

According to Kurt Wagner of Mashable, in his article titled, Are Facebook Ads Working? The Clicks Say Yes

“Facebook ads were clicked 29% more often in 2013, and the return to investors was 58% higher”.

So go ahead, invest!

Startup Shout Out Volume 2

Welcome to our Startup Social Shout out Segment! The purpose of these segments are to give startups and small businesses a platform to share why they started up and their passions! Hopefully this inspires you to Startup!  This segment is on a successful motivational speaker named Doug Hood!  Hopefully you enjoy! Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe!! Brought to you by 7th Level Marketing!!


The Purpose Of Web Design| 3 Tips to Give You A Head Start

Most companies fail to see the value of their website. Part of the reason is because to most, the website is just something that they have to have because of the age we live in. There is more to it than that! Here are some reasons why you NEED your site to be its very best!


  1. It Is The Face Of Your Company

This is the simple truth. You care about your company or you wouldn’t have started it. You may think that you are the face of your company but that is only half true! Considering that there are billions of people on this earth, the internet has become a very important factor in how we shop! We no longer visit companies to check them out, we browse them online.

According to Internet Live Stats, over 21% of Americas population use the internet! Considering that there are 323,829,714 Americans, according to the US Census, that would mean that over 64 million people in the US alone surf the web! WOW! This is why you need to put your best foot forward when going about your web site and its design. Its the first impression that counts!

2. It’s A Dictator


Assuming that you have found the right design agency, your website has the ability to dictate your users choices! Now I don’t mean star wars Jedi mind tricks, but I do mean that your website, if design correctly, can tell the users what you want them to do. This is done by strategic placements of call to action buttons and text. An example would be a Sign Up button, Contact us Now links or Add to cart buttons! In the picture below, the call to action is the search component that is embedded into the slider:


This website is telling its clients that it wants them to search their property listings. Where it is placed however is what makes the difference between dictating and just giving info. Make sure your call to actions are placed where the user has to see them, right at the beginning of your content!


3. It’s A Lead Generator

Again assuming you have found the right web agency, your website can be built to generate leads. One thing that most of us hate as business owners, is cold calling. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a lead generator of your own VS paying a company to send you “maybe” referrals?

Well you may not need to look to far! Your website can do that for you. With the right design, content and call to action combo, you can actually drive customers to leave info if interested in what you have. “Refer to our last article 5 Benefits Of A Custom Website”.

Most companies will just put a contact form on your contact us page. That’s fine, but in order for your clients to inquiry, you should make it easy. Place different forms throughout the website to drive home the point that you accept inquiries. The end result? You get names, numbers, and emails of those that are interested in YOUR company!

Hopefully these tips have helped! Thanks for visiting!

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Startup Shout Outs

Welcome to our Startup Social Shout out Segment! The purpose of these segments are to give startups and small businesses a platform to share why they started up and their passions! Hopefully this inspires you to Startup!  This segment is on Brewers Cafe! They are a local Cafe located in Richmond Va. Hopefully you enjoy! Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe!! Brought to you by 7th Level Marketing!!

Take The Leap #2

Figuring It All Out ( With Kids)

Okay, so I gave you a bit of history on how and why I am writing this blog. Now it’s time to give you some information on how to figure it all out, or at least how I started to figure it all out. This is the part where you learn what it will take to make things work. First things first, I would like to say that how I figured things out will not be 100% politically correct. I will start with a scenario.

In the first blog post I explained that we had went a while without seeing any results in business. We made a click and we started to grow. Now came the part when we had to figure out how to handle the growth. My wife was still working and to cut out babysitters and daycare, I decided to keep the kids with me at my company. That was risk number one. Can you imagine walking into an office to handle important business with a briefcase, a car seat, and 3 children? Well I guess I just didn’t give it much thought. However, the question remained, would they take me and my company seriously? The answer was, YES, they did. Most of us believe that it is unprofessional to handle business with children present. The truth is, most people look at it as a breath of fresh air! My advice to you is, don’t look too hard into it. 90% of what you worry about never happens, 5% turns out to be good, and the other 5% you can’t control.

Was it tough handling appointments with children around, or selling a customer on service with interrupting kids? At first, yeah, it was. However, once I realized that those cute little faces where assets, it all changed. My perspective of my children changed and so did the outcomes of my meetings. See, like I stated earlier, it’s a breath of fresh air for most. The key is teaching your children how to present themselves before your meetings. Involve them in your business and they will treat it as a part of their lives also. Here is an example. Early in my business career, I had a meeting with a pretty large company. They wanted design services and they were willing to put my company in charge of 100 projects. I explained to my children the importance of this meeting in a way that they understood. Disney. If daddy landed this deal, Disney World was theirs. The outcome, they behaved and even put on extra charm during the meeting. They even felt the need to explain that they would go to Disney if we started working with their company. Well, it worked, and they are still clients of ours!

“By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination”- Christopher Columbus



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