The Social Media Guide| Platforms

  This blog is intended to help you gain a better understanding of what each social media platform can be used for with your business. There are tons of social media trainees out there who still have some confusion as…..

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How To Create An Effective Facebook Ad

How To Create An Effective Facebook Ad !   If you haven’t heard by now, Facebook is becoming one of the top places to advertise and brand your business! With prices being some of the cheapest in the market, it’s…..

How To Stay Ahead Of The Google Game| Marketing Tricks

  For most small business owners, marketing on the social giant called Google can be a daunting task. With all of the guru’s, so called marketing geniuses and over priced SEO companies lurking to get your cash, it can be…..

Investment Perspective vs Expense

  When running a business it is easy to get overwhelmed with expenses. We know them all to well. Overhead is another term for it. However, it is also easy to confuse your expense with an investment. This is precisely…..

DIY Site, WordPress or Agency?

  We all know how important having an internet presence in this era is. We also know that a website is now one of the main source of credibility for your potential customers. Where you might struggle is when deciding…..

Step By Step Guide To Building A Website

Step By Step Guide To Building A Website Are you a DIY business owner? Do you struggle when it comes to your website? Are you frustrated with limited templates or plain designs? Well I hope to guide you through building…..

How Innovative Technology Helps With Business Growth & Scaling | Second Revenue

If you’re here this means that you are probably thinking of the next big idea for your company. Or you may be thinking of ways to help your industry solve a problem. No matter what industry you are in, or…..

Case Study: All Star Stylez

All Star Stylez is a prestige hair salon located on the eastern side of Henrico County.  Before utilizing the 7th Level Team, they had no online presence to add credibility to their growing salon! They have been in business for…..

Benefits Of CRM Software| Game Changer Custom CRM

If you are here reading this blog, you are either an executive that is looking for a way to organize your sales leads and motivate your reps, or a small business owner that needs help organizing your growing company. If…..

Branding vs Marketing| Creating An Identity

  Lets start by saying that both branding and marketing are extremely important when building your company. This blog is not meant to get you to stop marketing just to brand or visa versa. Its purpose is to help you…..

Startup Social Shout Out Volume 3| Temperpack Technologies

We are excited for this weeks startup shout out! We had the pleasure of interviewing James Mcgoff, Co-Founder of Temperpack Technologies! They have a passion for sustainable packaging and are attacking the industry hard! We hope you enjoy and dont…..

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